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Today marks another mild stone for Durham’s mental health, emergency and crisis healthcare services.

A small reception was held this morning at Durham EMS Station #2 to announce the launch of their newest service, Community Paramedics Program. The Welcome statement was given by Captain Kathy Mellown, Public Information Officer (PIO). Durham County Commissioner James Hill spoke about the importance of community partnerships for providing cohesive mental health, crisis and emergency serves to the residence of Durham County. Captain Helen Tripp, Community Paramedics Program Manager gave the program overview and reports of the positive impact the program has made in the community. In its earliest stages documented cases are already showing a decrease in 911 calls from individuals who frequently call for various reasons. Major Brandon Mitchell, Chief of Administration and Finance made the closing statement. Major Mitchell who has worked on getting this program for 10 years spoke of his excitement about the implementation of the Community Paramedics Program and the outlook of the future of EMS services in this county. Major Mitchell also announced Durham County EMS having to date 60 certified CIT Paramedics. Great strides are being made.

Community Paramedics provides on-site assessments to determine medical, psychological, social and housing needs for patients. These assessments are free to all Durham County residents. Hours of operation are M-Sun, 7am to 7pm. For more information about Durham County EMS Community Paramedics Program, please email communityparamedic@dconc.gov or call (919) 475-3991.


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Why is it important for CIT to have partners?

We can't do this alone...

In order for CIT Durham to achieve it's goals, we must forge strong partnerships within our community.

These are our goals:

• Educate our Community
• Officer and Citizen Safety
• Faster Consumer connection to treatment
• Reduction in use of force
• Jail Diversion
• Reduce chronic calls for service
• Increase public confidence and support
• Establish and build Mental Health/IDD/Autism/First Responder/Consumer Partnerships

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Create a Successful CIT Program

A Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) often begins with the good intentions and the hard work of a few dedicated individuals. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, mental health provider, someone personally affected by mental illness or a concerned community member, you can be the catalyst for CIT in your community.In order to be successful in the long term, this effort needs to be supported by the broader community, including law enforcement agencies, mental health service providers—community mental health services, state psychiatric hospitals and hospital emergency rooms—and mental health advocacy groups.Here are some steps to building that much-needed support and ensuring your program starts strong.